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My name's Alex, I'm possibly the most vulgar and nicest person you'll meet on the internet today. I own a Datsun 120Y wagon and a Honda S800 with a 4AGE 20V. Reppin' Pigbait Garage since 2k13

Shes gonna be rocking an A12 for a while while I build up this 15.
Also gave my number to a security firm looking for people, got a call back. Awww motherfucking yis

 Everything is coming up millhouse!
What a shitty miserable day… 

Time to work though.

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does no one get this? or is it too mainstream to be cool now?

or is everyone normal and sleeping at 3:30am?

maverick / 10 

toppest gun

70kg’s of pure insanity

actually wearing the Topgun 31 Tee shirt right now hahaha

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maybe I’m just angry at the world tonight, or tired…

or a bit of both. 

Also when ‘building a racecar’ putting your camber tops to full negative and calling it a day isn’t building a race car… it’s building a drift car that you’re gonna bin into a wall at turn 6 but its cool, because it’s a race car right?

smh, fucking retards these days. What happened to actually building a proper race car, something that you test over and over and over again making sure its 100% perfect, not just pushing it onto a trailer and going to skid (because no one cares about real racing anymore, it’s all about drifting these days it seems)

When street racers don’t understand sprung and unsprung weight it makes me laugh.

strips out all interior and passenger seat but fits bigger heavier wheels…

fucking retards


car illustration
original cartoon ”mame mame rock”   /   (c) ozizo

Datsun holic、、、ha-ha.


car illustration

original cartoon ”mame mame rock”   /   (c) ozizo

Datsun holic、、、ha-ha.

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