Fabricate, Fascinate, Appreciate, Try not to hate.

My name's Alex, I'm possibly the most vulgar and nicest person you'll meet on the internet today. I own a Datsun 120Y wagon and a Honda S800 with a 4AGE 20V.

if you want to chat my ask box is open, or even if you want to throw some questions in there..

Nice exhaust

Jay-dee-em as fuck for more style points. didn’t you ever play NFSU? rice = style points.

Shes a gutless POS, but looks good

Also Lachlan thinks my S12 is cool and he also thinks my wagon is cool. So it’s now law that my S12 is cool. 

So, I gave a ride to the owner of this car to the wreck em video premiere and he offered me passenger when I’m at QR next. Fuck yeah.
C E L I C A  x  M K 1

Well tonight was eventful, was gonna go to Kosmos, ended up at Wreck ‘Em premiere hanging with drifters and talking shit… hahaha fuck, would have been good to stay but late night restrictions have to ruin it.


I bet their bumpin Wu Tang

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